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Project Status Report: January, 2022

  • Current State

  • Phase 0. Milestones

  • Opportunity Assessment

  • Risk Assessment

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Current State

  • Cyclic WIP: Posting on YouTube, Medium, LinkedIn & r/startups for pitch testing.

  • Deliverable WIP: Peer review paper content complete, submission to IEEE Journal of Applied Superconductivity completed January 16th.

  • Deliverables To Do: Delivery Deck uplift to Investor Presentation. Phase 1. business process & training plans.

  • Next Goal: Recruitment ready February 2022, then the funding campaign begins with a media release once an indication of peer review is received.

  • Realised Goal: First true animation of The Idea, a big milestone to see the dream visualised in motion for the very first time.

  • Achievement: Met with 4 capital raising prospects in December.

  • Investors: 2 — Shares sold: 55/150k — Prospect meetings: 4

  • Burndown: $5,000 founder savings remain — Exhaustion est. March.

Phase 0. Milestones

  • Goal 1: Business Readiness — 95% Delivered, est. February 2022.

  • Goal 2: Find Initial Funding — 0.036% Delivered, promo go-live Feb, completion est. June.

Opportunity Assessment

  • Acceptance of publication in the IEEE Journal of Applied Superconductivity gives scientific credibility. The founders work is now at a stage of maturity where it can be submitted for critical peer review as this defines project feasibility. The opportunity for the founder to name a novel propulsion method in a peer reviewed journal publication will give recognition of invention with the necessary scientific credibility to signal for the following activities may succeed.

  • Web traffic has grown to almost 700 hits in the past year and organically sustained itself throughout December. Prior posts to Youtube & Reddit’s r/strartups monthly pitch thread from August through to November generated increasing web traffic that halted shortly after posting, showing markedly different trends to December. This traffic growth has lead to almost 70 reviews of the Equity offer and 2 successful investor conversions that can be attributed to the development of YouTube content. This opportunity can be maximised by prioritising YouTube content and repeating submissions in subsequent monthly threads.

  • Organic growth of traffic and investors may yield a large number of participants, with the current investor conversion at 1 in 350. As the early investor count grows it will give confidence to new investors and aid the later promotional campaign. Realisation of this opportunity could result in a snowball effect of media attention and investor engagement which may be used to secure federal and local grant funding as part of the Victorian & Australian Governments various Moon To Mars programs.

Risk Assessment

  • Review of the submission to the IEEE Journal of Applied Superconductivity may invalidate the project. This is an existential risk to the business that can not be avoided. To minimise risk to all involved, this risk is being realised in January 2022 prior to the media campaign and broader investor attention.

  • The impact of project invalidation will result in return of funds to investors and closure of the business. The founder has invested years of research prior to submission to minimise this risk as close to zero as possible. Supporting materials include over 200 academic references, a 680 line excel design calculator and 44,000 word detailed design paper.

  • Burndown of the founders remaining personal savings will force the founder to return to project contracting if funds are not raised in order to service 12 months full time founding debt cost incurred.

For any enquiries, please reach out to:


People who see the long term potential that this idea has can help realise this dream by donating to the research angel fund below or purchasing shares from the equity offering.

The founder has worked on this project since 2015 solo and now is offering shares in the company for the chance to hire staff and build towards the next stage of humanities space faring civilisation. Your investment will help build a team of 7 to validate the business case, launch a new Australian innovation company and forge the first steps on a very long path to interorbital shipping and eventually asteroid mining! H. Industries aims to be an ambitious orbital innovation business harnessing the potential of its platform and making a real positive difference for good in this world and off of it.

Thanks for reading, checking out any prior content and most importantly seeing the next step of the space industry: freight shipping. Your investment will help realise a dream that is inconceivable today and inevitable tomorrow.

Morgan J. Wegener

Angel donations will help to continue startup activities and research! BTC: 1MkkavrLCwvqDbohXeGGtTzfab5FVbEiF4 ETH: 0x9B150531fc1E856F43d66D4916ECfd0233d05E7a CELR: 0xab6a9cfd83856e2e1ab61b5c09e87f53c1492819 (via BSC/ETH)

For any enquiries, please reach out to:

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