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Interorbital Freight Transport Startup Seeks Partnership With Established Earth-Orbit Launch Service

Novel Propulsion Tech Can Deliver 2t Containers To Mars In 2y For $10m.

  • Update: LSP Pitch Video Released!

  • Why haven’t we done this already?

  • Seeking LSP Partnership

  • About H. Industries

I am excited to announce the upcoming release of the new H. Industries detailed investment pitch video following the small scale release of the elevator sized pitch video and general project delivery deck. The Reddit posts had some great feedback and I have been busy working on the updates for a while now. (U/d: LSP Pitch video is live!)

My name is Morgan Wegener, I am the founder of H. Industries and I was a mining engineer then project manager & technical business analyst - now, I am trying to fund a full feasibility study as Phase 1 of building an Earth-Mars shipping corridor from an innovative combination of existing technologies.

I have developed this idea and business for the last 6 years and am trying to launch a startup in Melbourne instead of seeking a PhD in my novel propulsion method. I have identified and briefed a team of 6 engineers and project professionals who are multitalented 25–35 years olds that cannot wait to be a part of the next step in the space industry.

To deliver the feasibility study funding I have posted crypto angel funding requests, launched a VC-A size equity sale and am now hoping to find a partnership with an established launch service provider or business incubator. Together we can deliver the research, manufacturing and launch of this innovative freight transport solution in the shortest timespan. We could offer customers a full earth to extraterrestrial orbital arrival service before 2030.

H. Industries aims to be the low cost solution to the problem of large mass transport between two orbital locations (first, Earth-Mars, then further) with a mass producible and reusable design. This allows the launch service provider to prioritise rocket systems for astronaut crews with a supporting freight transport service delivering all the necessary equipment and more.

How Can Customers Benefit From This? What Customers?

Currently there isn’t a market for tools, construction materials or long life food on either the Moon or Mars but this will inevitably change. The number of luna and martian focused missions is rising and many innovative government initiatives like the Moon To Mars program are driving progress forward at a tremendous rate.

Humanity went from first flight in 1903 to landing on the Moon in 1969, if we solved cost effective interorbital transport at the same time as cheap orbital entry, we could be a lot further by 2069. Like the railroads of colonial America, once cheap freight transport and public access was established the towns along the line and surrounds all flourished — driving tremendous market growth for early service providers and some soft drink brands.

There are a number of industries that have products ready for interorbital transport to Mars for servicing future crewed missions and more. The reliable delivery of suppliers prior to astronaut arrival will have an accelerating effect on the these missions and allow for larger, safer crews then tourists.

If Earth-GTO orbital entry is priced at ~$60m for a 2t payload while transport of the container to Mars costs an extra $10m, it becomes an easy decision to test the waters establishing a new planetary market. This allows established manufacturing businesses to partner with launch service providers to deliver on regular supply contracts for a tremendous variety of materials.

Outsourcing effort to a specialised freight transport business will greatly reduce the cost of mission planning and execution to make going to Mars today cheaper and eventually accessible for everyone.

Why Haven’t We Done It Already? H. Industries Novel Propulsion Technology Is The Enabler.

The idea of putting supply depots on Mars before astronaut arrival isn’t new. But the idea of using satellites to give lots of small pushes that act like one large thrust overall definitely is. This system could handle daily freight arrival on Mars once scaled to final size – that could change dramatically change our world by 2040 and civilisation by 2069. It doesn’t seem so impossible when considering the iPhone is 14 years old and how society has rapidly altered.

I have explained the technology and physics here, here and here but in short H. Industries novel Multivector Addititive Propulsion (MAP) uses small scale particle accelerator magnets in satellites to push metal freight containers slowly away from Earth on a vector towards Mars. By working together the satellite swarm is able to accomplish things that its component satellites couldn’t do individually, such as MAP or ferrous asteroid mining.

H. Industries can have orbital testing completed in 4 years and services operational in 6 or sooner with the assistance of an established launch service provider. We could prioritise service for their customer base who would be interested in first access to the future Martian market.

To prove this innovative new propulsion method, I am proposing a full feasibility study conducted by 7 professionals over 12–24 months costing $3 million, mostly used in hiring experienced staff. This study is the first phase of H. Industries business plan and will verify the new propulsion method and deliver a Mk.1 design specification for manufacturing.

Seeking LSP Partnership

If you are reading this and keen to have a chat, please reach out to:

The website has a host of social links, white papers, pitch contents and project updates so stay tuned for more.

About H. Industries

H. Industries is a 6 year old startup that is now ready to scale rapidly and transform the space freight industry. It is currently a solo founder operation waiting to take on the first investors and staff before sprinting towards manufacturing and orbital testing. This service will deliver food and equipment for the first astronauts cheaply, making Mars accessible and allowing us to stay for more than the weekend.

Thanks for reading, checking out any prior content and most importantly seeing the next step of the space industry: freight shipping. Your investment will help realise a dream that is inconceivable today and inevitable tomorrow.

Morgan J. Wegener.

Angel donations will help to continue startup activities and research! BTC: 1MkkavrLCwvqDbohXeGGtTzfab5FVbEiF4 ETH: 0x9B150531fc1E856F43d66D4916ECfd0233d05E7a CELR: 0xab6a9cfd83856e2e1ab61b5c09e87f53c1492819 (via BSC/ETH)

For any enquiries, please reach out to:

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