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Branson-Style Beer-Coaster Size Business Pitch.

Base Working, Business Development & Funding Ask.

  • Basic Business Idea

  • Business Earnings Estimate

  • Taking Concept To Content

  • Asking For Angels & Investors

Basic Business Idea What if satellites could push shipping containers? We could have supplies on Mars before people, or anywhere else. It’s simple enough, magnets can push steel plates and it’s easier in space without air resistance. We could split the force between a whole swarm of small satellites and get it to move a large cargo slowly instead of a small one quickly.

Mars averages 225m km away and orbits every 687 days, or 59.36m seconds, so it should take an average speed of 3,790 m/s (~1053 km/h) to arrive in time for the next orbit. Speed is the product of acceleration and time so if the swarm mounted magnets give a 15 second pulse overall, success would need 252 m/s’2, or about 25.8G. This force distribution could be divided between satellites across the swarm but for now will be handled as a total.

The force required to shift a 2000kg cargo container (excluding all other mass for now) with 26G acceleration is about 504 kN. This all starts to look very achievable when the force application is split across the swarm and HMF pulse magnets are designed for meganewton energisation.

Business Earnings Estimate Putting aside the technicals for a minute, it’s important to be able to demonstrate business feasibility quickly and easily — no physics required. Following Bransons approach to the then new airline business and focusing on customer engagement, freight shipping calculations show a low risk payback plan with one year of operational ramping time. The eventual goal of daily launches would see a sevenfold increase in earnings and could rapidly accelerate the payback period for an expansive swarm network, transformationally changing the space freight industry.

Total Cost Estimated: $2b Trip Price Estimate: $10m Trip Frequency: Weekly Operations Ramping Time: One year

Initial Payback: [($2000m/$10m) / 52]+1 = ~5 Years

Following the initial success of weekly launches, the next step is expansion. Expansion: Cost $4b Trip Frequency: Daily Ramp Time: 2 Years.

Expansion Payback: [($4000m/$10m)/365]+2 = ~3 Years.

Total Payback: 8 Years Goal Realised: Daily freight launches to Mars.

This is all grossly simplified but a clear indicator the business is viable if the technology is and a bit more homework needs to be done. This baseline proof was from late 2017 and the realisation that possibly within 8 years of operation the business could be profitably shipping containers to Mars daily was a watershed moment for the founder.

Taking Concept to Content To develop the satellite cargo shipping idea into a business, the founder first tried to break it. If it was not impossible due to some law of physics then theoretically it was a viable idea, putting aside cost/benefit considerations for now.

The idea was formed in late 2015 when the founder moved back to Sydney. Sci-fi conversations with his Dad about Stargate and things suspended above magnetic poles lead to the formulation of the swarm satellite idea. The founder spent 2016 trying to find why this wouldn’t work while accumulating research and design papers. 2017 was spent reading the accumulated bank of research and creating a large compilation of referenced transcriptions. Academic research had begun on high magnetic field pulse magnets and finding material limits that should render the design inoperable. Again this red team approach had no success in breaking the design or the founders growing enthusiasm. By mid-2018 the research was complete and the idea robustly unbroken despite all best efforts. It took a 7 month backpacking trip to have the time and space to turn the tens of thousands of words of raw notes, sketches and dozens of concept paper varieties into the first version of the tech primer, fully detailing the design.

Moving back to Melbourne in 2019, the founder began building out the business aspects that had been dot pointed out over years of professional IT project delivery & business transformation experience. The public release of the pitch video and business funding requests submitted to crowdfunding platforms was on December 30th, 2019. The pitch was a direct conversation with the camera which was limited by the founders crude recording capabilities and understandably the video did not garner any funding interest. With no investors or employees, the business did not qualify for support from a variety of sources and the founder conceded temporary financial defeat and returned to IT contracting but this did not go as planned.

Asking for Angels & Investors Cue April 2021, the founder left his data entry role to continue on H. Industries full time with twelve months savings and business readiness at a much more advanced stage than the initial launch in 2019. The second pitch is animated, the business plan from feasibility study to full manufacturing is ready and again the founder is seeking funds to support ongoing full time business development.

The founder is hoping to appeal to angels around the world who are inspired by the revolutionary potential of a mass producible interplanetary freight by sharing Bitcoin & Ethereum receiving addresses and asking interested investors to get in touch at: H. Industries is a registered Australian business and share holdings are available during this phase for $20USD per option for up to 15% of the 1,000,000 registered shares. Due to the high risk nature of this stock offering the founder understands this is not for everyone hence it’s inclusion for transparency but it is secondary to angel funding for now. A bit more development time before recruitment begins would be well invested!

The founder will use angel funds for development of the business documents and Matlab model while trying to sell equity. The capital raise (or a large enough angel) will fund engineer recruitment to prove project feasibility and further development on the business plan, research paper and satellite design. The founder may soon need to return to project contracting due to financial needs but development will still continue, with public updates becoming slightly more infrequent.

Thanks for reading and any donations to continuing progress, please get in touch if you would like to be the first equity investor!


Angel donations will help to continue startup activities and research! BTC: 1MkkavrLCwvqDbohXeGGtTzfab5FVbEiF4 ETH: 0x9B150531fc1E856F43d66D4916ECfd0233d05E7a CELR: 0xab6a9cfd83856e2e1ab61b5c09e87f53c1492819 (via BSC/ETH) For any enquiries, please reach out to:

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